Anonymous asked:

Jeremy and Coltrane, Stacy told us about your threeway with her and how she made you more than "friends". Have you two ever experimented with each other?

Jeremy: H-heey, please stop with that!

I mean, this is Stacy`s month. See? It`s Stacy`s month, not ours!

So sorry, but we couldn`t post anything about us…

Coltrane: Heheee…

Anonymous asked:

You said you had a Boy-girl-boy threesome. Did you watch the guys doing each other?

Not quite, but those two now are more “friends” than ever!

Can you guess them?

Well, my B-G-B threesome was Coltrane-me-Jeremy!

Ahem, it was like this:

After our naughty sleepover, Candace and me made the promise “do not fuck boyfriend alone”. We could go into threesome anytime again, but I will not going alone with Jeremy. Some days later, even agreed going with Coltrane. The Coltrane-Candace-me threesome also was a blast. (And let me tell you, Candace gaves her neck some new experience!)

As you could easily guess, soon after we went a bit further and start planning how could convince the boys they “make victims of us” for the aforementioned new threesome.

Candace was the first on this. Somehow we convinced the boys in separate ways. That day, Candace, Jeremy and Coltrane meeted at some outside hotel… but here`s the twist: hidden in Candace`s DuckyMomo doll a remote webcam would let me see the action!

And boy, some action I did see that day! My laptop never saw action this hot before! Perhaps the DP was the best part… or it was the double cumface?…

Double cumface… do you know what “friendly fire” means? Well, the moment Jeremy shoot his load, some of that warm honey hitted Coltrane`s belly instead of Candace`s face. He just laid back a bit, but he didn`t reject it at all. He just even rub it on his skin!

With that subtle but unexpected revelation, I started to think what I could do the moment I would face them on the upcoming threesome of us.

The time at last we meeted, we started with the old-but-true double blowjob. Me, in full clothes, kneeled in the middle of them. They weared that day some comfty sporting pants, and I could easily see those two towering members about to ripping their clothes.

Slowly, I released both hot rods and started to pleased them. Mmh, those yummy treats. And here`s my twist: the moment both of them were on full hardness, I pulled against each other for bumping and rubbing them. They rejected it just barely, but my magical hands just keeped them on full contact.

Perhaps they will never admit it, but they actually enjoyed the fencing! And what`s about me? After that I just would walk away? Of course not! I was so horny after that playing, and we don`t waste the chance, not at all!

So, in the end they didn`t go full gay, but I bet they aren`t ashamed about that. just see them now, they are just that friendly as ever!