17blackkitty asked:

What other cartoon characters do you do ?

Well, I really love trying disney (princesses and not), MILF`s (being Dexter`s Mom my fave) and several other toons (TDI, PPG and so on)

I love Anime too, but given my skill level, I need more practice.


Anonymous asked:

Since Futa month is almost at an end next week. What do you have in store for August?

duckymomoisme answered:

I would doing one of those two ideas:

  • Tentacle time
  • Back to school (characters as sexy school girls)

But first I need to do all those pendings Futa pics…

Here´s Ducky again:

All that pending Futa pics will be posted, no matter the time.

About August, neither of those ideas. My next Muse will be: